Hello, I'm Lori Ashcraft.
Here's a bit about me & who I work for.

I’m Lori Ashcraft and I invented the Rocket Shoe when I was a 9-year-old living in Northern California. If I’d known who to contact to get a prototype built, this would be quite a different bio. Instead, I tucked away the drawing of the sneaker with pop out wheels and multicolored exhaust, and went back to playing football with the boys next door and helping my dad make things in the garage.

Between then and now I majored in Advertising, went to work for Condé Nast’s House and Garden magazine in New York, and then headed to Los Angeles to work as an Art Department Coordinator on several feature films (My favorites of the bunch: Almost Famous and The Big Lebowski. The dude abides.) During that time I started focusing on graphic design and loved every minute of it. That led to freelance work with Sega GameWorks, and then another company, then another. I’ve been working as a professional graphic designer ever since. I am based in Los Angeles, CA.

Beyond my graphics skills I do a respectable moonwalk.

Why work with me?

You deserve recognition and high-end results, and a designer who will look at the big picture.

If you’re looking for someone who cares about adding value to your business almost as much as you do, you’ve come to the right place. You’ve put everything you’ve got into your business, and you can trust that I will take care of you, leaning in with everything I’ve got.

I don’t just simply design visuals, I think about every aspect of your business and how you want to be perceived, bringing my experience, expertise and process to thoughtfully find the best and most useful solution. I’m here to listen to you, strategize and get to work. I love my job and I take pride in everything I do so that you can, too.

Who I work with.

I work with established and emerging businesses, small to medium in size, in all spaces. Whether starting from scratch or re-imagining, I help clients connect to and engage their customers. Based in Southern California, but designing for businesses, wherever they are.

What's important to me.

Trust & Communication

Being open, honest and fair is essential for good relationships in and outside of business. While we work together it’s important to me that you are comfortable within the process, know you can ask me anything and that you know I’ve got your back, start to finish.

Client Experience

Client experience is as important as the result. I am here to do everything I can to make sure you are as happy as can be throughout our work together.

A few of the lovely things clients have said...

“...she really listened to what my work is supposed to be about and it always came through in her designs."

“I’m a landscape designer and part of my work is being able to visually communicate my design ideas. I came to Lori to get help conveying my concepts graphically. The best thing about working with Lori was how well she really listened to what my work is supposed to be about and it always came through in her designs. She nailed my style, she understood my content, and she made feel like she plucked my thoughts out of my brain and translated them into beautiful, clean and creative designs.”

Di Zock • Di Zock Design

“...my go-to graphic designer!”

“Lori is my go-to graphic designer! She has become an integral part of my extended marketing team at Hollywood & Highland Center. She executes large and small scale projects with creativity and a great attention to detail. She continually delivers quality work in a consistent and timely manner. Her professional and friendly style make her a pleasure to work with. I have recommended her to many colleagues and business contacts and will continue to do so.”

Jeannie Lonnquist • Hollywood & Highland

“I love my logo.”

“I cannot tell you how much I love my logo. You listened, you interpreted, you got ‘IT.’”

Jacqui Knapp • KNAPP HOUSE

“fierce attention to detail”

“Lori Ashcraft is an outstanding graphic designer with a brilliant creative mind, an incredible eye for design and style, and fierce attention to detail... Always professional, crafty and hardworking.”

Brandy Menefee • Pro Storytellers