First, and lasting, impressions matter and are key to customer acquisition and trust. The right solutions give you the credibility and confidence to make selling easy.


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Shine your light at every turn

Logo Design

A well-designed logo works hard for you and makes it look effortless. It represents your business at a glance, and should attract the customers you want. Your logo works hard for you every time time people lay eyes on it, so designing the right solution is key in being recognized, remembered and respected. Creating logos is a journey and I love every minute of it. From discovery to design to delivery, I’ll give your business an authentic, distinctive, timeless logo that identifies your brand and sticks in people’s hearts & minds.

Visual Identity

Your logo is only one essential element of your brand identity. Visual identity elements are key details of your brand identity that tell your story every time a customer interacts with your business. It’s your look and feel, and shows off your brand. (Think of your packaging, or the templates for your email blasts, as two examples.) A superb visual identity system is captivating, cohesive and consistent, all while working seamlessly and looking effortless. I’ll capture what’s special about your business and bring it to life in your visual identity materials, reinforcing your brand identity across every single customer touchpoint.

Color Palette
• Typography
Graphic Elements
Brand Style Guide


Design the ideal customer experience

Art direction, illustration, and design for your unique brand needs. I’ll make the stuff you need to succeed, look authentic, memorable and engaging.

Branded Environments
Social Media Content
User Interface Design
Web & Digital Media
Marketing Collateral
Image Retouching


Show it off

Maybe you need to raise money. Maybe you need to show off your business’s capabilities. Maybe you need an internal deck to distribute information. The possibilities are endless, and a great looking deck makes all the difference in getting the results you’re looking for. A deck that supports your branding or designed from the ground up, I’ve got you covered.


Plan for ongoing success

As you move your business forward, your employees and external partners & vendors will need standards and guidelines for visually representing your brand in myriad forms, from marketing content to social media. Let’s make sure no matter who is amplifying your visual identity, your brand always looks authentic and on point.

Ready to look and feel your best?

What can you expect?
Your customized creative process will look like this...

Discovery / Strategy

Whether we’re designing a logo, a full visual identity or brand collateral, the crucial first step in the process is discovery, where I learn everything I can about your business, customers, what inspires you, your goals and your design yays and nays. This results in a concise brand strategy that will help guide us through all of our work together. And sets us up for success!

Digging into Design

Using the information and insight gathered in our discovery, I brainstorm, strategize and get to work on concepts, ultimately honing in what works and filtering out what doesn’t, refining the cream of the crop into deliverable designs.

Delivery & Feedback

I deliver the concepts and welcome your feedback. Here, we make sure everything is on track and make any necessary adjustments, fine tuning for a perfect fit.


Final Delivery

We’re done and you have received awesome results! I deliver the files you need, in the formats you need. Launch party time!

Why is strategy important?

Your brand identity should be based on discovering what’s important to your customers and to your business. Asking questions like…

What is your business’s motivation for doing what it does?
Who are the people you’d like to attract?
What are they attracted to?
What is your business’s personality and where would it hang out?
What do you do better/worse than your competitors?

These types of insights help shape your identity. Digging in will get you the right, authentic and lasting results. Trust is everything, which means making sure your brand story is authentic and consistent no matter where your customers meet you, whether it be your website, business cards, social media, etc. Let’s build that trust and keep ’em coming back.

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Virtually, I've got you covered

You can find me in Southern California, but I can help you regardless of your location.

I am here to support you through the entire process and am always an email, video chat or good ol’ fashioned phone call away.