Mailer box sustainable packaging design for modern brand

Packaging Identity for Aerrem

“Paul Kradin and Steve Bauerfeind’s passion for the environment fueled their conviction to dive into totally uncharted territory and self-fund something they knew could make a global difference. By giving people a product that’s well-made, easy to use and chic, they’re creating a new habit that lets people feel good about refusing single-use plastics while signaling to others it’s time to do the same. A solution grounded in their love for all humans, animals and the earth.”


– Packaging Design
– Visual Identity
– Infographics
– Gift Card

Packaging The Aerrem Bag • The Goal

I got a call from Steve and Paul at Aerrem and they explained to me that they had thoughtfully created a cool new bag called The Aerrem, specifically designed to hold any two reusable vessels and now needed a non-wasteful, direct-to-customer delivery system. Having worked with Steve and Paul before, I knew how important their mission to save the planet is, and couldn’t wait to help. The physical solution was a mailer box that served as product packaging.

The design challenge was to create packaging for Aerrem using a mailer box-as-packaging that embodied the product’s chic and sustainable nature without any previous brand visual identity, outside of the logo, to play with. It needed to be refined, classy and fun, as well as being educational and fully recyclable. And it all had to be done in one color.

Building the identity

Deconstructing the logo, the droplet in the “A” is used as a building block for the package’s visual identity elements, creating repeating shapes that are cohesive, simple and elegant with a modern vibe.

What's in the box

To indicate what was included in the box, on the box,  illustrations create visual interest in a text-heavy environment.

Aerrem bag with father and son
Aerrem bag and reusable bottle and woman in car
aerrem bag and skateboarders with reusable bottle

It was important for Aerrem to explain to their customers how the product was made, and why. I designed a double-sided card that did just that, and was positioned to be easily seen upon opening the box.

mailer box open with bag and box insert

The Aerrem liners come in seven gorgeous colors, with a little reminder we popped in there.

The Aerrem gift cards use two designs – one with the Aerrem bag, and the other using stripes in a color palette based on the bag’s liner colors.

Aerrem holiday card
Aerrem business cards in navy and white with stripes and modern logo

Infographic illustration for the website

Aerrem infographic about plastic pollution
blue bag on kitchen counter mother and child
woman holding blue bag with leather strap and reusable bottle